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Since Cal Sheets, LLC started operations in 2000, Gary Waters has been an integral part of our quality and lean manufacturing initiatives.  Initially Gary supported the development of the ISO 9002 compliant quality management system.  Since that time, Gary has been instrumental in design and implementation of several key management systems including; Safety, 5S, Kaizen, Inventory Control, Continuous Improvement Processes, Training, standard work procedures, and third party certification processes.  Gary is an outstanding trainer and is a core part of our ongoing training and certification program.  In addition, Gary supports all of his work excellent training and work documentation including any necessary forms or written procedures.

Gary is tenacious, enthusiastic, capable and well versed in all aspects of management consulting.  He has a keen eye on the cost side of the business and can help your organization to quickly deliver results.  I strongly recommend Gary as a key asset to help any organization get better, leaner and more profitable.

Scott Sherman
Cal Sheets, LLC

I invited Gary Waters into our facility just to get an evaluation and some information about a workplace organization methodology called 5S. Gary was so convincing that I wanted to start implementation immediately.

As we all know it is difficult to implement change. Unfortunately my staff wasn’t as eager as I was to implement “another” program. We had recently become ISO certified and just changed our computer operating system to an Oracle system. The staff had had their fill of change.

Gary started out with a preliminary training session that involved all of the plant foreman and staff managers. I was eager to get going but as I mentioned earlier my staff was not so eager. Gary recognized their resistance immediately. He had been down this road before and knew exactly what to do. His knowledge of manufacturing and work flow processes coupled with his down to earth approach and people skills won them over.
Gary was able to convince all of them that the 5S system will benefit them just as much, if not more, than it will the company.

Gary is a true professional. I will admit he faced a real challenge with this project and the personalities involved. He never wavered, his walk before you can run approach allowed all parties involved to stay focused. Gary helped us develop our own 5S system that is going strong. I am considering implementation of the Lean Manufacturing concept next. I plan to use Gary Waters to make it happen.

Lynn Pindar
Plant Manager
Ameron International Corp.

During the last five years, Gary has conducted valuable on-site training for our employees.  In today’s difficult economic times we are always searching for cost effective opportunities that allow us as an organization to continue to offer tools to help improve our efficiencies and effectiveness.  Gary has provided a valuable service to our employees and organization in areas such as improving communication and how to deal with stress in the workplace.  

Gary has been very effective in translating what he has learned in his years of experience in the corporate world to help provide our employees with valuable skill sets in dealing with real-world issues.  It is due to these positive experiences that I would recommend Gary Waters.

Danny Green
Director of Business Development & Strategy

I have volunteered time with Gary on the board of directors for the San Joaquin Human Resource Association. Gary is passionate about donating his time in the San Joaquin County and the Human Resource Profession. I’ve appreciated working with Gary has he does what he says he will do, has a positive attitude, is detail oriented and he contributes on teams outside his area of responsibility on the board. Thank you Gary for making a difference!

Trish Smith,
Past President,
San Joaquin Human Resource Association

I have had many years of personal experience working with Gary Waters in the automotive industry. Gary’s knowledge of the Toyota Production System (TPS) coupled with his experience in materials, logistics, information systems, purchasing and production management, makes him a valuable resource with a proven record of reducing costs and improving efficiencies in these areas. He has successfully taken these skills on the road to suppliers where he provided training in TPS and Kaizen to identify areas for reduced costs. This provided a “Win / Win” situation for both the supplier and the purchasing company.

His positive attitude and “can-do” philosophy makes him extremely easy to work with in all situations.

Mickey L. Powell
Vice President
Sales & Purchasing
Trim Masters Inc.

KS Automotive undertook a major investment in building a state of the art plastic injection molding facility in San Leandro, California. With Toyota Motor Manufacturing, New United Motor Manufacturing (NUMMI), and General Motors as the end user of our products, we realized early on that we required assistance in bringing our management team and team members up to speed quickly in the journey of implementing the Toyota Production System.

With his expertise on the Toyota Production System and hands-on approach, Gary Waters was instrumental in aiding us in making the dramatic move forward in implementing such concepts as 5S, one piece flow, quick changeover, FIFO, and Visual Management, along with the concepts of every shipment, defect free, to every customer 100% on time.

Gary was also instrumental in implementing team member focused Continuous Improvement Programs, which further drove home the concepts of TPS while helping to achieve customer cost reduction targets. All while fostering and maintaining a safe working environment.

We would recommend Gary Waters to any organization that is truly interested in moving forward in the journey to lean manufacturing.

Jeffery Cranor
KS Automotive

From being mentored by Gary Waters to working with him on various projects, I have been involved in or exposed to his projects for over 15 years. Gary has a knack for pinpointing opportunities for improvement and finding ways to take advantage of a companies natural talent to improve production, cut costs and improve cash flow.

Gary has used his knowledge of the Toyota Production System, Lean Manufacturing, Kanban, Kaizen, and 5S to push companies and departments to the forefront of their industry and to benchmark status. His matter of fact approach and team leadership skills creates an environment of buy in and enthusiastic participation by all team members.

I could not recommend Gary Waters enough to a company that wants to maximize efficiency, productivity and cash flow. I myself look forward to the next opportunity I get to work with Gary.

Dan Crenshaw
Plant Manager
Barrier Systems, Inc.

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